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        Today is the Qingming Festival. Let me introduce to you how my hometown celebrated the Qingming Festival!j1r學學庫網

        My hometown is in Jiangxi. The first thing to do during the Qingming Festival there is to wrap glutinous rice balls. People mix green lettuce leaves with glutinous rice, and then add oil and salt to make a rice ball. After steaming, you can eat it. It tastes delicious and smooth.j1r學學庫網

        The most important thing during the Qingming Festival is to offer sacrifices to ancestors. Bring fire, firecrackers, incense and paper money when offering sacrifices to ancestors. When people came to the mountain, they first set off firecrackers, then knelt down to their ancestors three times, and then drew a circle on the ground to prevent other ghosts from stealing money. After burning paper money, we should clean the graves of our ancestors and remove weeds. This is tomb sweeping.j1r學學庫網

        There is a poem that says "it rains in succession during the Qingming Festival, and pedestrians on the road want to break their souls". It rains almost every year on Qingming Festival. This rain may have fallen for our ancestors.j1r學學庫網



        Since I can remember, every year on the day of Tomb Sweeping Day, my father takes me back to my hometown to visit my grandfather's grave. This year is no exception.j1r學學庫網

        Early in the morning, there were a lot of traffic on the suburban roads. I guess they all went to worship their relatives. Unknowingly, they drove into the country road and rode on the asphalt road in the country. Through the window, the rural air was so fresh. The wheat seedlings in the field fluctuated up and down by the spring wind, like the waves of the sea. The orchards on the side of the road were full of white pear flowers and pink peach flowers, which was a beautiful picture, It's a paradise.j1r學學庫網

        We soon arrived at Grandpa's tomb. I first swept the tombstone for Grandpa, burned paper money, poured a glass of wine and set off firecrackers before leaving. I said to grandpa in my heart, "Grandpa, I'll come to see you next year's Tomb Sweeping Day."j1r學學庫網



        "Qingming Festival rain in succession" this sentence was confirmed by the wonderful nature, yesterday, the rain of patter of patter, my heart is as heavy as a stone, because I want to give my master and old milk the tomb, before, I do not understand the true meaning of the Qingming Festival, until after the tomb, I know the true meaning of the Tomb Sweeping Day!j1r學學庫網

        At seven o'clock in the morning, we are going to sweep the grave for the old man and the old milk. It's a new thing for me to go to the grave. We set out with tools.j1r學學庫網

        I can't wait to walk on the winding mountain road for about an hour. We came to the tomb of the old man and the old milk. After a year, the graves were full of barren grass. After the division of labor, we began to be busy. After all, we began to burn the paper money. With the curl of smoke, I seemed to look at the smoke. I seemed to look as if I would see the smoke curling up. To their shadow, they told me, "study hard and cherish life.j1r學學庫網

        Yes, a man's life is short and happy to live every day. To surpass self, transcend oneself, dream will come true; transcend self, dream into power; transcend self, create a beautiful life! I think life surpasses self and transcends dreams! On the mountain, the house of the city is full of eyes, the mountains are full and the mountains are full. The rape flower of golden golden light is deeply breathed, the faint fragrance and fresh air, and those flowers interpret the meaning of life with the force that cannot be resisted.j1r學學庫網



        April 4th is the Tomb-sweeping Day in China, which is one of the most important traditional festivals. The young people will come back home and sweep tomb with their families.j1r學學庫網

        The meaning of Tomb-sweeping Day is to honor the ancestors and it has more than 2500 years' history. Chinese people pay special attention to remember their ancestors, so no matter how far they are, they always know where they are from.j1r學學庫網

        When they are old, they will return to the place where they are from. It is a good tradition. The sense of belonging makes people feel safe. What's more, the relationship between relatives makes the whole family become stronger, because people are united by the same ancestors. Thus, they treat each other as families and give support all the time. What a great tradition it is.j1r學學庫網



        Today is Saturday. It is also a special sacred holiday -- Qingming Festival.j1r學學庫網

        During the Qing Ming Festival, we went back to the tomb sweeping. Today, I came to my ancestors' grave, ready to sweep the grave for them. I removed the grass from their grave with a hoe.j1r學學庫網

        Weeding is seemingly simple, but it is very tiring. If you don't help the adults, you may have to rest for a while, but I can't get rid of it even if I don't help you two days.j1r學學庫網

        A piece of light in front of the grave, feeling very monotonous, lonely. So after second days of supper, I ran to the mountain and dug several fruit trees and planted them in front of the grave.j1r學學庫網

        Qingming Festival is an important festival. Let's remember this sacred and special holiday. Remember that on this day, we must help our ancestors to go to the grave.j1r學學庫網

        One more thing, in this festival, I believe that you have a missing person! I miss my grandmother most is my grandmother, my grandmother left me forever when I was very young, how I hope she can e back to me again, this is the person I miss most, who you miss most in the Qingming Festival.j1r學學庫網