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        There is no rehearsal in the life once missing, it will be lost forever.世界上沒有破鏡重圓之說,想了解相關精彩內容請參考小編為大家精心準備的文章:3zX學學庫網


        Dear Grandma:3zX學學庫網

        Thank you for the new shorts.They are cool!It’s hot in YunNan.It’s sunny too. i can wear my shorts and T-shirt.I have a new jacket. My old jacket is too small.I want to buy a hat. It is fifty yuan. It’s too expensive.3zX學學庫網

        What’s the weather like at the farm? Is it warm?How many new ducks are there?3zX學學庫網




        20 June 20063zX學學庫網

        Dear Mr. Seaton,3zX學學庫網

        Thank you very much for taking me with you on that splendid outing to London. It was the first time that I had seen the Tower or any of the other famous sights. If I'd gone alone, I couldn't have seen nearly as much, because I wouldn't have known my way about.3zX學學庫網

        The weather was splendid on that day, which I thought was rare. I still remember some people told me that in Britain there was weather and no climate. During the same day, it might snow in the morning, rain at noon, shine in the afternoon and be windy before the night falls. So I think I was lucky.3zX學學庫網

        I think the river trip was the best thing of all. London really came alive for me as we saw it from the Thames during that wonderful journey down to Greenwich. It was all tremendously exciting - a day that I shall never forget.3zX學學庫網

        Thank you for giving me such a great birthday treat.3zX學學庫網

        Yours sincerely,3zX學學庫網

        Linda Chen3zX學學庫網


        20 July 20063zX學學庫網

        Dear Mr. Wang,3zX學學庫網

        Thank you for taking the time to write your wonderful letter in support of MCEA (Maywood Chinese Education Association). Your letter clearly articulates all the major reasons children in Maywood will benefit from studying the Chinese language as part of their elementary school education. It provides invaluable support that will help making bilingual Chinese education a reality in Maywood public schools.3zX學學庫網

        Although MCEA would like to see Palo Alto public schools implement the first bilingual Chinese kindergarten class in September of 2006, we have learned that the school district must take the time to understand how a new program will affect existing educational offerings, and to validate community interest. Nevertheless, MCEA, with more than 70 members, will continue to actively promote bilingual Chinese education in the Palo Alto public schools and will keep you apprised of the progress we make.3zX學學庫網

        Thanks again for sending a letter in support of MCEA. We' will continue to do all we can to realize this program both for families of Chinese descent and those with a general interest in participating in the growing economic power of China.3zX學學庫網

        Yours sincerely,3zX學學庫網

        George Chen3zX學學庫網

        Useful Expressions3zX學學庫網

        Thanks for. . .3zX學學庫網

        It was very nice/good of you to ...3zX學學庫網

        Thank you very much for. . .3zX學學庫網

        I must thank you for. . .3zX學學庫網

        I am extremely grateful for your help. . .3zX學學庫網

        I am most grateful for. . .3zX學學庫網


        21 June 20063zX學學庫網

        Dear Mary,3zX學學庫網

        Thanks for your last letter. I'm so glad that you have been able (at last! ) to arrange a holiday in Australia. As I fear I won't be able to meet you at the airport when you arrive, nor will I be able to be home until later in the afternoon, so here are some instructions and suggestions.3zX學學庫網

        There is a bus from the airport to the city. It is much cheaper than a cab. Take the bus to the city and ask to get off at Town Hall railway station.3zX學學庫網

        To get to my place in the eastern suburbs you have three options. You can either take a cab, a bus or the train. I suggest you take the train, since the airport bus will leave you right at the station. Get off at Cliff Station. From there you can either walk to my place (about ten minutes) or take a taxi. Probably you should take a taxi as you will have luggage.3zX學學庫網

        When you arrive at my flat, ring the intercom for Flat 2. My friend Lillian will be at home and she will open the front door for you and let you into my flat.3zX學學庫網

        Presumably you will be tired and want to sleep. But if you feel like some exercise after that long flight, you could stroll down to Cooper Park, which is only ten minutes away ? you can see it from the window.3zX學學庫網

        Cheers and looking forward to seeing you.3zX學學庫網

        Yours sincerely,3zX學學庫網


        P.S. I will leave something for breakfast in the fridge. Help yourself to anything you want.3zX學學庫網

        Useful Expressions:3zX學學庫網

        Here are some instructions and suggestions.3zX學學庫網

        May I suggest that we meet at the gate of the university?3zX學學庫網

        I'd like to suggest you should visit London for at least two days on your way to Scotland.3zX學學庫網

        Considering your present situation, I propose that you should apply for the post.3zX學學庫網

        What I want to suggest is ...3zX學學庫網

        My suggestion is that. . .3zX學學庫網

        If you. .. , you had better. . .3zX學學庫網


        20 March 20063zX學學庫網

        Dear Sir,3zX學學庫網

        I was very interested in your advertisement in today's edition of The Evening Post and I should like to apply to be a member of the Amazon Expedition team.3zX學學庫網

        I am twenty-three years old and have an honors degree in Botany from Bath University. Since leaving university I have been working in a research laboratory but my contract comes to an end in six weeks. I would particularly like to join the expedition for the opportunity it would give me to study the plant life of the area.3zX學學庫網

        I enjoy several outdoor activities including rowing and rock climbing and I consider myself to be both fit and healthy enough to undertake such an expedition.3zX學學庫網

        If you would like me to attend an interview, I would be able to come at any time convenient to you, (J1) my employers have agreed to give me time off for the purpose.3zX學學庫網

        I look forward to hearing from you.3zX學學庫網

        Yours faithfully,3zX學學庫網

        Lily Ma3zX學學庫網