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        他的心就像久旱的苗兒喝倒了水!His heart like a Miaoer down to drink water!……小編帶你了解更多有趣的內容,接下來要給大家提供的是:2023英語作文一封信,希望你認真看完,會對你有幫助的!XA3學學庫網


        My friends and I have planned to do something interesting. We write down our future wishes and put them in a bottle. Then we exchange the bottles, making it as our secrets. We make a deal to take it out five years later and see if we have realize our dreams. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, but we are so looking forward to the moment when we open the bottles.XA3學學庫網


        I have a good friend. Her name is Li Hua. We know each other when we were five years old, because we have so many things in common. We become partners soon. I like to go out for fun with her. She always knows my idea and we can enjoy our time. I cherish our friendship so much. I hope we can be best friends forever.XA3學學庫網


        Today, my mother has something to do, so she needs to meet her friends. I make a promise that I will clean the house when she returns. But I become lazy soon. I start to play computer games and forget my promise. When I remember, I start my work quickly. I feel so bad to almost let my mother down. Luckily, I finish my job and my mother feels happy.XA3學學庫網


        Today, my parents go to have an important meeting with their friends, so they leave me home alone. Though my mother has prepared everything I need, I still feel a little sad. I watch the TV and play computer games, but I feel more and more lonely. I realize I need my parents so much. I must learn to be independent.XA3學學庫網


        David Beckham and his families are so famous around the world, no matter where they go, they will catch the media's attention. The four lovely children are favored by people, too. It is said that David makes family rules. He and his wife tell their children to be polite and love each other. The children remember that and behave so well. Everybody loves them.XA3學學庫網


        Summer is so hot. It hasn’t rained for more than one month and the air is so stuffy. But today, the rain finally comes. I am so happy when I see the dark cloud. It is so cool, when wind blows. The wind blow my face. When rain stops, I go out of the house and breathe the fresh air. What a comfortable day.XA3學學庫網


        Today is my birthday. Early in the morning, I get many wishes from my classmates. After class, I ask many of my friends to come to my house to celebrate my big day. My parents prepare a nice party for me. I can play many games with my friends. We sing songs together. At this best moment, I have so many people who love me around.XA3學學庫網


        I live in an ordinary family. Though my parents are not rich enough to buy what I want, they give me the best thing. That is love. I have a rich friend. Her name is Lucy. She always complains that her parents are too busy and don’t have much time to play with her. So I am so thankful for the things I have. I feel the real happiness.XA3學學庫網


        As a child, I like to eat all kinds of meat, but I don’t like vegetables. My mother always tries to let me eat some vegetables. She educates me that balanced diet can help me stay healthy. I start to realize the importance of balanced diet, so I try to have vegetable. Later, I find that I fall in love with it, and now vegetable is necessary food for me.XA3學學庫網


        Two years ago, I lived in my hometown. It is a beautiful place for me and I like the life there. Every day, I wake up early in the morning, then I will walk in the country road with my grandma. We will meet some people and we say hello to each other. The trees are so green and the water is so clean. I play a lot of time in the small river. I have the beautiful memory there.XA3學學庫網