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        Life's like rollercoaster, you're up you're down. Which means, however bad or good a situation is, it'll change。生活就像坐過山車,有高峰,也有低谷,這意味著,無論眼下是好是壞,都只是暫時的。每日一記,下面由小編來給大家帶來:英語日記50詞。vYb學學庫網


        I went shopping with Li Mei. We left at 10 o'clock in the morning. When we got to the downtown, there were so many people. It was so crowded as it was a beautiful day and it was Sunday. I didn't buy anything because everything was very expensive.vYb學學庫網


        I didn't go anywhere today. I stayed at home doing my homework and helping my mother with housework. I realised it was not easy to do so much housework all by oneself. I should help mother more in the future.vYb學學庫網


        I read an article today. It was about how people should try their best to save water. Water is very important for human being but some people are just wasting water. They don't turn off the tap after they finish using it. We should do better to save water.vYb學學庫網


        My father took me out fishing today. At the beginning, we spent a long time waiting there but there was no fish. I was very impatient and didn't want to stay there. I wanted to come home. Father said to me, "Don't give up everything easily. We should keep on trying hard".vYb學學庫網


        I went to the People's Park with my family today. We had picnic in the park. My mother and grandparents were preparing food, father was playing badminton with his friend while I was reading under a tree.vYb學學庫網


        Mingming came to my house today. We spent some time playing computer games. We played basketball game online. I chose NBA and Mingming had to take CBA. Of course, I won finally. We had a good time.vYb學學庫網


        I went to visit one of our teachers with some of my classmates this morning. Miss Jones is our English teacher and she likes all the classmates. She tried so hard to help us to improve our English. We went to her flat and had lunch there with her. We had a good time.vYb學學庫網


        I went to see a film in the cinema this evening. It was called Kong Fu Panda. I love this film. It is funny but I also learned something from the film. We should not give up things easily. We should have a good plan and make up our mind to make our dream come true.vYb學學庫網


        Xiaomei and I went out this morning. We went to the city centre. We went window shopping, and then we had lunch at the restaurant. We didn't buy anything as we didn't have much money, but we still had a wonderful time.vYb學學庫網


        Holiday nearly comes to the end now. I am very happy because I have already finished my homework. I also helped my mother with some housework this summer holiday. I believe I have grown up now and should know what I should be in the future. I will try harder to study well and be a good person.vYb學學庫網