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        — 找出劃線部分發音不同的單詞 (5%)XHq學學庫網

        1( )A. look B. cool C. school D. zooXHq學學庫網

        2( )A. mine B. with C. knife D. behindXHq學學庫網

        3( )A. teacher B great C clean D pleaseXHq學學庫網

        4( )A. pear B. hair C. here D. wearXHq學學庫網

        5( )A. what B. which C. white D. whoseXHq學學庫網


        1. country (復數) ____________ 2. far (比較級)______________________XHq學學庫網

        3. open (現在分詞)_________ 4. quick (副詞)______________________XHq學學庫網

        5. sea(同音詞) _______________6. we(形容詞性物主代詞)____________XHq學學庫網

        7. one (序數詞) _____________8. hear (同音詞) _________________XHq學學庫網

        9 sun(形容詞)_____________ 10. ran(原形)_______________________XHq學學庫網


        ( ) 1. After school we usually play _________ soccer for half _________ hour on _________ sports ground.XHq學學庫網

        A. /; an; the B. the; a; the C. /; a; / D. the; an; aXHq學學庫網

        ( ) 2. — Is she a bus driver?XHq學學庫網

        — _________. She is a postwoman.XHq學學庫網

        A. No, she isn't B. Yes, she is C. No, she is D. Yes, she isn'tXHq學學庫網

        ( ) 3. Can you help my child ______ his science ______ Tuesday mornings?XHq學學庫網

        A. in; in B. with; on C. for; at D. with; atXHq學學庫網

        ( ) 4. — Is this your shoe?XHq學學庫網

        — Yes, it is, but where is _________?XHq學學庫網

        A. the others B. other one C. another D. the other oneXHq學學庫網

        ( ) 5. That storybook is very _________. The children are _________ in it.XHq學學庫網

        A. interesting; interest B. interest; interestedXHq學學庫網

        C. interesting; interested D. interested; interestingXHq學學庫網

        ( )6. There _________ a ruler and some pencils in the pencil-box.XHq學學庫網

        A. be B. is C. are D. hasXHq學學庫網

        ( )7 .It often rains __________ in the summer of Nanjing.XHq學學庫網

        A. strong B. big C. hard D. heavyXHq學學庫網

        ( )8. The basketball ______________ the bed isn’t mine.XHq學學庫網

        A. under B. is under C. is on D. isXHq學學庫網

        ( )9.Thank you ________ giving me so much help.XHq學學庫網

        A. to B. for C. with D. inXHq學學庫網

        ( )10. ------What did you do last night?XHq學學庫網

        ------ I did my homework and _______ TV.XHq學學庫網

        A. watch B. watched C. will watch D. am watchingXHq學學庫網

        四、情景匹配 (10%)XHq學學庫網


        ( ) 1.Who is taller, you or Yang Ling? A. You can take bus No.3.XHq學學庫網

        ( ) 2. How can I get to the park? B. You can go there by bus.XHq學學庫網

        ( ) 3. Who runs faster than GaoShan? C. YangLing is.XHq學學庫網

        ( ) 4. Which bus shall I take? D. YangLing does.XHq學學庫網

        ( ) 5. Would you like to join us? E. Yes , I’d like to.XHq學學庫網


        ( ) 1. Where are you going? A. It’s on the 1st of May.XHq學學庫網

        ( ) 2. What are you going to do? B. I’m going to go shopping.XHq學學庫網

        ( ) 3. Can I know your address? C. It’s the 1st of May.XHq學學庫網

        ( ) 4. When’s May Day? D. Of course.XHq學學庫網

        ( ) 5. What’s the date today? E. I’m going to the shop.XHq學學庫網


        1. Li Ming, what about_________(步行) to school?XHq學學庫網

        2. They are going _________(fish) tomorrow.XHq學學庫網

        3. The boys are reading the __________(interest) book, Harry Potter II.XHq學學庫網

        4. ----What is your hobby?XHq學學庫網

        ---- _________. (dance)XHq學學庫網

        5. The weather gets _________ (cold) and the nights get ______ (long) in winter.XHq學學庫網

        6. Sometimes he _________ (play) basketball on the playground after school.XHq學學庫網

        7. Jack, with his classmates, often _______ (go) to the bookshop to buy books on Sundays.XHq學學庫網

        8. The pair of jeans _______ (be) yours,it isn’t mine.XHq學學庫網

        9. Mary enjoys (go) shopping on Sundays.XHq學學庫網

        10. I would like _________ ( have) lunch at home .XHq學學庫網


        1. Lily often does some reading in the morning. (改為否定句)XHq學學庫網

        Lily ______ often ______ some reading in the morning.XHq學學庫網

        2. Sometimes I go to the cinema with Nick on Saturday. (就劃線部分提問)XHq學學庫網

        _______ do you sometimes go to the cinema ________ on Saturday?XHq學學庫網

        3. We go to school from Monday to Friday. (同義句改寫)XHq學學庫網

        We go to school ______ _______ a week.XHq學學庫網

        4. What does Kate do? (同義句改寫) ______ ______Kate?XHq學學庫網

        5. He goes to school by bus. (同義句) He ______ a bus______ school.XHq學學庫網

        6. He usually gets up at twenty to seven in the morning. (畫線部分提問)XHq學學庫網

        _______ _______ does he usually get up in the morning?XHq學學庫網

        7. The children like teddy bears best. (同義句)XHq學學庫網

        Teddy bears _____ the children's _____ toys.XHq學學庫網

        8. 他比我小兩歲。XHq學學庫網

        He is two years _______ ______ me.XHq學學庫網

        9. His father loves playing cards when he is free. (對畫線部分提問)XHq學學庫網

        What his father love ________ when he is free?XHq學學庫網

        10. You can’t play football on the street.(祈使句)XHq學學庫網

        ________ ________ football on the street. 七.下面的句子都有一處錯誤,請在錯誤處劃線,并在橫線上改正。(5%)XHq學學庫網

        1. She jumps high than the other girls in his class. ( )_________XHq學學庫網

        A B CXHq學學庫網

        2. They have Chinese, Math, and English on every Tuesday. ( )_________XHq學學庫網

        A B CXHq學學庫網

        3. We don’t have a art lesson today. ( )________XHq學學庫網

        A B CXHq學學庫網

        4. I like play basketball, football, and tennis. ( )_________XHq學學庫網

        A B cXHq學學庫網

        5. Are you go to bed at about 10:00? ( )_________XHq學學庫網

        A B CXHq學學庫網


        It is S________ tomorrow, my parents and I are g________ to the park. In the park t______ is a r______, I want to s_____ there, because it is very h___ in summer. Swimming c____ make me cool. But you know I am not g____ at swimming, my father will teach me h____ to swim. I think I w____ have a good time there.XHq學學庫網



        The Road family often does housework together at the weekends. Pam often cleans bedrooms. Her father buys groceries (食品雜貨) for the next week. Her mum washes the clothes. John, Pam’s brother, helps to cut grass in their garden.XHq學學庫網

        The Roads often ride a bike to the park nearby. In the park, they can play basketball and football. They always have a good time there.XHq學學庫網

        It is happy when a family works and plays together.XHq學學庫網

        ( ) 1. How many people are there in the Road family? __________XHq學學庫網

        A. Two. B. Three. C. Four. D. Five.XHq學學庫網

        ( ) 2. The Road family likes to __________________.XHq學學庫網

        A. go on a picnic B. go shoppingXHq學學庫網

        C. have a rest D. go to the parkXHq學學庫網

        ( ) 3. When the family work together, they feel________.XHq學學庫網

        A. tired B. happy C. angry D. sadXHq學學庫網

        ( ) 4. ____________ cuts the grass in the garden.XHq學學庫網

        A. Father B. Mother C. Pam D. JohnXHq學學庫網

        ( ) 5. A good title (標題) for the passage is ___________.XHq學學庫網

        A. A family works and plays together B. Cleaning the roomsXHq學學庫網

        C. A happy family D. Pam and her parentsXHq學學庫網


        Tony comes home from school. He wants to play football, but he has a lot of homework.XHq學學庫網

        “Hello, Tony!” says his mother. “How is school today?”XHq學學庫網

        “Fine. But I have a lot of homework,” Tony says. “I’d like a bottle of milk.”XHq學學庫網

        “Sorry, there isn’t any. You can eat some cakes. But please don’t eat too many. We’re going to have supper.”XHq學學庫網

        Tony eats some cakes. Then he sits at the table. He begins to do his homework.XHq學學庫網

        Mother goes to the shop. She buys some milk and some bread. There are not many people in the shop. She comes home soon.XHq學學庫網

        Tony is still doing his homework.XHq學學庫網

        “Tony, you are a good boy,” his mother says. “You’re going to do well this year.”XHq學學庫網

        “But I can’t play football today,” Tony says sadly.XHq學學庫網

        ( )6. Tony is a _________.XHq學學庫網

        A. football player B. student C. teacher D. cookXHq學學庫網

        ( )7. “How is school today?” means “_________”XHq學學庫網

        A. What is the school like today? B. What classes do you have today?XHq學學庫網

        C. Do you like your new school? D. How’s your study at school today?XHq學學庫網

        ( )8. Tony wants to have some _________, but there isn’t any.XHq學學庫網

        A. milk B. cakes C. bread D. ice creamXHq學學庫網

        ( )9. Tony’s mother goes to the shop _________.XHq學學庫網

        A. to see her old friend B. to buy a football for her sonXHq學學庫網

        C. to do some shopping D. to sell some foodXHq學學庫網

        ( )10. When mother comes home, Tony is _________.XHq學學庫網

        A. playing football B. eating cakesXHq學學庫網

        C. doing his homework D. watching TV 十.完形填充。(10%)XHq學學庫網

        Xiao Ling is a middle school student. She likes English and she is good __1__it. She often __2__ her parents about her English study. Now she is talking __3__ her father about her English study again.XHq學學庫網

        Xiao Ling says, “Look, Dad, this is our new English book. There are a lot of interesting __4__ in it.”XHq學學庫網

        “Mmm, not bad. Do you speak only English in class, 5 does your teacher explain (解釋) everything to you in Chinese?”XHq學學庫網

        “Oh, our teacher speaks to 6 only in English. Sometimes it’s not easy for us 7 her, but she says listening and speaking help 8 .XHq學學庫網

        “I think she’s right. Does she speak English very slowly?”XHq學學庫網

        “Not 9 . Sometimes we don’t understand her. Then she has to say it again.”XHq學學庫網

        “It’s interesting to study English, isn’t it?”XHq學學庫網

        “Yes. And I’m going to work 10 at it in the new school year.”XHq學學庫網

        “That’s good. I’m sure you’ll study better.”XHq學學庫網

        ( )1.A.in B. with C. at D. aboutXHq學學庫網

        ( )2.A.tells B. speaks C. says D. talksXHq學學庫網

        ( )3.A.for B. with C. about D. onXHq學學庫網

        ( )4.A.story B. a story C. stories D. storysXHq學學庫網

        ( )5.A.and B. but C. how D. orXHq學學庫網

        ( )6.A.we B. our C. us D. oursXHq學學庫網

        ( )7.A.to understand B. understandXHq學學庫網

        C. understanding D. understandXHq學學庫網

        ( )8.A.many B. a lot C. a lot of D. too manyXHq學學庫網

        ( )9.A.always B. sometimes C. good D. speakXHq學學庫網

        ( )10.A.hard B. harder C. the harder D. hardestXHq學學庫網



        1. 你的性別,年齡。XHq學學庫網

        2. 你的愛好。XHq學學庫網

        3. 你喜歡哪些學科。/你為何喜歡這些學科?XHq學學庫網

        4. 你父母的職業。等等。XHq學學庫網



        —.找出劃線部分發音不同的單詞 (5%)XHq學學庫網

        1._________ 2. _________ 3. ___________ 4. ________ 5. ______________XHq學學庫網

        二.按要求寫出相應的單詞 (10%)XHq學學庫網

        1. _________ 2. _______3. ___________ 4. ___________5. _____________XHq學學庫網

        6. _________ 7. ________8. ____________9. ___________ 10.____________XHq學學庫網

        三.選擇填充 (10%)XHq學學庫網

        1. __________ 2. ________3. __________4. ___________5. _____________XHq學學庫網

        6. ___________7. ________8. ____________9. _________10. ____________XHq學學庫網

        四.情景匹配 (10%)XHq學學庫網

        A)1. __________ 2. ________3. __________4. ___________5. _____________XHq學學庫網

        B) 1. ___________2. ________3. ____________4. _________5. ____________XHq學學庫網


        1. __________ 2. _________ 3. ___________ 4. __________5. ____________XHq學學庫網

        6.___________ 7.__________8. ____________9. __________10. __________XHq學學庫網

        六 按要求寫句子 (10%)XHq學學庫網

        1.__________ __________2.__________ _________ 3.____________ ____________4. __________ __________ 5. _________ ____________ 6.___________ ____________ 7. __________ __________ 8. _________ ___________9.____________ ____________10.___________ ____________XHq學學庫網


        1. ___________2. __________ 3. _________ 4. ___________5. ___________XHq學學庫網


        1. _________2. __________3. ___________4. ___________5. ___________XHq學學庫網



        1. ___________2. _________3. __________4. ___________5. _________XHq學學庫網

        6. ___________7.___________8._________9.____________10.__________XHq學學庫網


        1. ___________2. ___________3. ___________4. __________5.__________XHq學學庫網



        I am a boy/ girl,____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.XHq學學庫網


        — 找出劃線部分發音不同的單詞 (5%)XHq學學庫網

        1.A 2. B 3. B 4. C 5. DXHq學學庫網

        二 按要求寫出相應的單詞 (5%)XHq學學庫網

        1. countries 2. farther 3. opening 4. quickly 5. seeXHq學學庫網

        6. ours 7. first 8. here 9. sunny 10. runXHq學學庫網

        三. 選擇填充 (10%)XHq學學庫網

        1.A 2. A 3. B 4. D 5. C 6. B 7. C 8. A 9. B 10. BXHq學學庫網


        A) 1. C. 2. B 3. D 4. A 5. E B) 1. E 2. B 3. D 4. A 5. CXHq學學庫網


        1.walking 2. fishing 3. interesting 4. Dancing 5. colder; longerXHq學學庫網

        6. plays 7. goes 8. is 9. going 10. to have.XHq學學庫網

        六 按要求寫句子 (10%)XHq學學庫網

        1.doesn’t; do 2. Who; with 3. 5 days 4. What is 5. takes; to6. What timeXHq學學庫網

        7. are favorite 8. younger; than 9. does; doing 10. Don’t playXHq學學庫網


        1.B higher; 2 C every/on 3. C an 4. B playing 5. A DoXHq學學庫網


        1. Sunday/Saturday 2. going 3. there 4. river 5. swimXHq學學庫網

        6. hot 7. can 8. good 9. how 10. willXHq學學庫網


        1. C 2. D 3. B 4. D 5. C 6. B 7. D 8. A. 9. C 10. CXHq學學庫網


        1. C 2. A 3. B 4. C 5. D 6. C 7. A 8. B 9. A 10. BXHq學學庫網